Marge Simpson 2010 Calendar

Who of us can get hold of enough Marge Simpson pin up photos? She really is America's favorite mother. In fact, she's been in the media over twenty years, the mother of the most famous television family ever. She has appeared in the pages of a Women of Springfield calendar as described in "The Devil Wears Nada." And then she's even posed in the centerfold of Playboy Magazine.Now Homer has produced his personal Marge Simpson pin up calendar. Homer and Marge have had an excellent time snapping and posing for these pictures and are sharing them with the entire world..Think of twelve sexy pics of Marge Simpson in calendar form that you'll be able to apply as the wallpaper for your computer or smart phone. Every month comes with its very own risque picture of Marge in revealing yet discreet pose. Adorable, sexy, and tasteful. Don't look for pics of Marge Simpson nude here.Did we forget to say, it's no cost? That's right! A dozen titillating images of Marge Simpson and they're completely free. And you know what, if you are searching for sexy Marge Simpson graphics it is possible to use for your next tattoo, you just may come across the ultimate one.How Many Marge Simpsons Are There?Should you answered one, you're correct naturally. But think a moment. There's the mother Marge Simpson who attends to her 3 children (who are often a handful).There is Marge the wife who cooks and cleans and keeps house for Homer.Then there's the alluring Marge Simpson , the one who has worked hard to maintain her sleek figure all these many years, the Marge who hundreds of millions of males tune in to see every single week (every night in reruns) the one every single man desires but who belongs to exclusively one man, Homer. That's correct. Marge likes to snuggle, but with a single man exclusively, her Homie.So why did Marge decide to let Homer produce this calendar? She stated she did the Playboy pictorial to raise money for her beloved charity: Save the Gazebos. After that, she explained she began to enjoy how the men around Springfield looked at her differently. That even included Ned Flanders. She enjoyed it and wanted to feel that thrill again. And everynight right after shooting her pics, Homer got particularly frisky. At times they decided not to even put it off until night.